Shaun of the Dead


Simon Pegg plays the role of the anti-hero in this British comedy. Shaun is a twenty-nine year old loser whose life has become stagnant. His girlfriend has left him, his job has no future and his mother is living with his stepfather who he hates. He shares a house with Pete, their relationship is no better because Shaun's best friend Ed (Nick Frost)is staying some time living on their couch. Ed is a dreadful and outrageous failed marijuana dealer.
London is becoming a zombie territory, but Shaun's mind is in his current situation and how he is going to change it.
When Shaun finally realizes what's happening, he creates a plan that will save them and bring some light back to his life.


Release date: 2004-04-09
Directed by: Edgar Wright
Written by: Edgar Wright & Simon Pegg
Genre: Comedy/Horror
Language: English


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